What a great sailing day we had, the winds were good for most of the day, although it was a westerly so that meant that the up-wind legs of the course were across the shortest length of the track.

We had a wonderful day with friends from the north,  thank you to the Wangaratta crew for coming down and having a sail with us.

We also had some of our club members from the western side of the city, thank you for making the effort of coming across.


We had a good number of races with between 14 and 17 karts on the track at once.  I didn’t keep count but there would have been over 15 races.

There were no big crashes and all the races went smoothly due to the sailing skills of the combatants.


The club trailer was a great success and there are a few things we can change for next time we use it.   Thanks to Ross for towing it down.

We are going to put together a club video, so please send me any videos or photos you have.

Thank you to everyone that helped make yesterday a success.