Thanks to our newest member, Ross Porz has kindly offered the Vic Blokart Club the use of his massive trailer. On the weekend a few of us got to ogle of it, with drooling coming form our mouths, then to be surprised of the offer by Ross for the club to use it.

So we have plans of turning it into our portable club rooms, it is something we can have at any major event, and when decked out, we’ll be able to have it set up with tables and chairs, a starting box and a secure place for keeping our gear.

Since the start of this year, our members who turn up week after week are really putting in the effort to help our club to build a secure base to build from.

Thanks also goes out to eh Casey Council for laser leveling the ground last week, and even rolled a section, and let me tell you, it was just like sailing on concrete, bloody fantastic. We did so many races on the weekend, and it was great to see everyone helping out one another in one way or the other…yes there was also some fun bantering happening between a couple of us, hey Dave 🙂

Big thanks again to Ross for his contributions, and the Council for their effort in making the surface an absolute gem to sail on.

Tim Vance
VBC President