The Victorian State Championships were hosted by the North East Windsport Club at Springhurst during the middle of November. A great turnout of competitors for our State Titles once more with people traveling from South Australia, NSW and Queensland.

The weather didn’t co-operate this time, with less than 5 knots forecast for the entire weekend, it was a non event. We did have patches of wind blowing at times, and if you were out by yourself then you’d be able to get sailing, but the moment you head into a group of fierce competitors, it was all over, there simply wasn’t enough breeze to keep you moving.

The NEWC club had put on their usual hospitality boots, providing us with great entertainment and social activities. I feel Liz (Commodore of NEWC) was feeling a little pressure, but in all, she did great, with her trusty committee helping things along nicely.

The second day was the same as the first, and many decided to hit the road earlier than planned. If anything, it was simply fantastic to catch up with so many friends from the blokarting fraternity.